My Website!
Dedicated to my dad and my mom.
This is made with a little thing called vi editor! you might not know it, but trust me, it is cool. try looking on youtube for vi editor :-)

Hi World!

I'm Calvin. This is my website. My email is I have more:, and! My father's two websites are Kerio and The Emua Website, just in case you were looking for him:-) Oh well, here it is! I worked hard on this so I hope you all like it!

I really love working on this website, so I will be updating a lot.:)
Here are some of my favorites! (Sorry, I only have an XBOX so my favorite game is old school maybe and I ALSO have a PS2.)

By the way, My dad helped me learn how to make one! :-)(Not how to make a PS2, but, how to make a website)
My Favorite Color Is Black oh also tied with red My Favorite TV Show Is Phineas & Ferb My Favorite Video Game Is Battlefield 2142 tied with StarFlight for DOS My Favorite Hobby Is Video Games of course! My Favorite Pizza Topping Is Cheese (and LOTS of it!!!) My Favorite Food Is Pinto Beans
My Favorite movie is... Disney PIXAR'S UP     Okay so now you Know some of my favorites! Now for some sites you should go to! These are links.

Club Penguin
My Dog Presley
Sound Company

If you are a fan of the 1987 (I think) game of the year, StarFlight, go here. and help my dad and I fill in stars. this takes a long time without you StarFlight fans. help us
Ok so now for some photos

I Love Video Games!

Taco Bell Lazer!!

The Moon!

My Cool Dad!

My Loving Mom

Here I Am!!!

Here Is My Street Mix, Sweety!

My Cat Bella Ran Away, But Here She Is!

Well this the end of my site. Hope you liked it!